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Depression/ Grief

I approach depression the same way I approach all of my clients, with Positive Psychology. By assisting the client increase their strengths and discovering more, the client is able to increase their self-esteem, self-worth, and have an overall improved self-image. Improvement of a person's self-image gives them the tools necessary to address life's challenges. I also use Cognitive-behavioral therapy and EMDR as necessary.


I use client centered therapy in grief and loss counseling. I am extremely empathetic towards someone's loss and recognize that grief does not come in one shape, size, or time frame. I administer basic testing devices to assess the quality of individual's functioning ability during their grieving time and also to track improvement. I also use genotyping and other creative tools to assist someone through their grieving process. Grief and loss are also traumas and respond well to the use of EMDR therapy.


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